Welcome to TCI. TCI is a total communications provider (A BAWI Site). that offers Internet, Telephone, and Television at an affordable, fair, and simple pricing. Industry standards are used, therefore offering flexibility. An internal policy of sales providing sales, and support providing support assures as best of an experience as possible. TCI doesn’t rely on what is obsolete, but what is as future-proof as possible.

TCI provides Internet services from 25MBPS to 1GBPS. A Static IPv6 address is provided to provide a more consistent experience. Rather than using a coaxial connection, the service is connected with an RJ45 connection. This means the consumer simply chooses the router they want and plug it directly into the Internet connection. For those that demand more service, Professional and Business packages are available which includes features that such will need while keeping the consumer service reasonable.

Telephone service is simply $5 per phone number, and with Internet services, calls from home to the US, Canada, or +883 are free. This same phone number can be used for faxes (if you need that), and cellular (if you want that). For cellular, you just add a SIM fee, and pay for your minutes. Each phone number has 1 voice mail service. Rather than using the old RJ11 jack, RJ45 is the standard. Simply provide the MAC Address of the device you want to use. If you are using an legacy phone, you would just need an ATA. To assure safety, a unique US Domestic telephone number is provided for each location no matter the phone number assigned. This assures that a call to 911 will be able to be returned.

Television is provided on the same connection that Internet and Telephone is. It just makes sense. Rather than forcing the customer to “rent” a set-top box, the customer will simply use their own. This could be a Roku, Gaming System, smart TV, or many other DLNA supported devices. An app or program will be developed for the major ecosystems and therefore offer a Guide interface. The account owner can set restrictions on each device from times of the day, limits on consumption, and/or TV Rating. As with Internet and telephone, pricing is simple. Base price includes a minimum set of features or channels, with simple pricing for upgrades on packages or channels. For those that will need a cable card, a Tru2Way Cable card will be available. This will allow the device to order On-Demand and PPV content – again provided that the account owner allows.

Services are delivered to the home via a Fiber Optic connection (for local coverage), or Starry Internet Services (non-local coverage). For telephony options, at the choice of the consumer, Google Voice services can be integrated. For cellular coverage, LTE/GSM services will be carried using the T-Mobile Network to reduce cost of infrastructure. Visit the pages to the left to learn more.


This is a fictional company. Services here are theoretical on a Big Ass What If I had my own telecommunications company. Obviously this is not the case, and obviously some of the features here would require negotiations with respective service partners. So, if this sounds too good to be true, that is because it is. Although, it does not have to be.